Emp Eway

Payment Methods When Booking

Once you’ve activated your gateways, they will be made available as payment options on your booking form for any event with chargeable tickets (i.e. non-free events).

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eWAY Settings

After activate eWay gateway, you need to set Sandbox API key, Sandbox API password, Live API key and Live API password information.

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How To Setting Up eWay Gateways After Activate Plugin?

All your gateway settings can be accessed from Events > Payment Gateways in your admin dashboard.

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How To Setup Emp EWAY?

1. Go to: Plugins > Upload New on your WordPress site.
2. Install Now and activate.

In order to test the EMP Eway.

Its Premium eWay Gateway for Events Manager Pro.

Used for Credit Card Payment Gateway for Events Manager Pro.

eWay works like any standard WordPress plugin, and once installed and enabled, it will automatically added a eWay gateway to your website which has Events Manager Pro plugin installed and enabled.

eWAY’s provides a hosted form for entering payment information. The form is hosted on eWAY’s PCI DSS compliant, industry leading infrastructure for your and your customer’s peace of mind.